Register for U9-U10 Girls REP Basketball Team Tryouts

U9/U10 Girls Grade 3 and 4 REP Basketball tryouts

Are you looking for a Girls REP Basketball Team tryouts for girls in grade 3 and 4 (U9 and U10)? We are now accepting registrations for our tryouts coming this January and February. We have an exciting spring, summer and fall/winter seasons planned for our girls complete with league games, exhibition games and at least one travel tournament. Our goal is to engage and keep girls playing sports especially on Girls REP basketball Teams. We hope you join us on the incredible journey we are about to embark on with these girls!

Why choose this Girls REP Basketball Team Tryouts?
Why have your daughter play sports?
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Register for U9/U10 Girls REP Basketball Team Tryouts

Why choose these Girls REP Basketball Team Tryouts?

We are excited to announce our U9/U10 Girls REP Basketball Team tryouts! Our program has been meticulously crafted to empower these young athletes, helping them realize their potential, fostering a love for basketball, and nurturing lifelong participation in sports. The focus of this REP team is to lay the foundation for empowering young women in sports. This team will be focused on the most fun experiences and outstanding skill development to allow our girls to not only compete but excel at the game of basketball over time.

Why play on a Girls REP Basketball Team?

Recent research highlights the positive impact of sports on girls’ mental health, with 78 percent of those who engage in sports reporting positive well-being, compared to 68 percent among non-participants. The Canadian Women & Sport Rally report underscores how sports boost confidence, reduce anxiety, and enhance emotional well-being. Girls actively involved in sports exhibit greater confidence, improved self-esteem, and reduced depression. Additionally, they tend to possess a more positive body image and experience higher levels of psychological well-being.

About our program

Participation in our program unites these girls, fostering a shared goal among players and coaches alike. Together, they learn the value of teamwork and effective communication, crucial skills for problem-solving as a cohesive unit. Our dedication to these girls extends beyond the court, focusing on developing their physical, mental, and emotional strengths to succeed in life.

About our organization

V3 Basketball Association is a nonprofit organization committed to delivering top-tier basketball programs to Scarborough communities and beyond. Our primary commitment lies in offering exceptional opportunities to girls, BIPOC marginalized youth aged 6 to 18, young adults aged 18 to 29, and individuals of all ages who share our passion for basketball.

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Girls Tryout Fee: $12

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