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Why choose a REP Basketball Team?
Commitment to REP Basketball Team
REP Basketball Tryouts
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Why choose a REP Basketball Team?

Participating on REP Basketball Team offers children a valuable opportunity to play and enhance their basketball skills while fostering their love for the game, much like our popular Basketball Summer Camps. It involves being part of a competitive team that represents the V3 Basketball Association in contest against other basketball clubs in Ontario and the United States. Each team has the chance to compete in a league such as CYBL, OBL (application pending), NPH, or a series of organized games and tournaments. Throughout the season, teams typically play between 20 and 25 games, including tournaments.

Commitment to REP Basketball Team

V3 REP Basketball Teams hold practice sessions twice a week. The specific schedule is determined based on gym availability and coach availability (schedules for each team will be shared in their TeamSnap). Tournaments usually take place on weekends and are typically located within an hour to an hour and a half of Toronto unless they are being held at our brand new facility in Scarborough. During a tournament, teams typically play 3 or 4 basketball games. On a rare occasion there could be as many as 5 games in one weekend.

Unlike our Skill Development Programs, REP Basketball demands a higher level of both team skill and individual skill development. Consequently, attendance at all practices and games is mandatory. Families and their children must be ready to ensure their presence at all times, barring exceptional circumstances. We take pride in instilling accountability and various valuable life skills in our young athletes through our program. We greatly appreciate our parents support in this endeavor.

If you are unable to commit fully, we appreciate your honesty. We receive numerous inquiries from interested players, we cannot reserve a spot for your child at the expense of another player.

REP Basketball Tryouts

We strive to accommodate all interested players by providing enough teams, but we do have certain limitations. Consequently, depending on the number of interested players, tryouts may be required for some teams. Our objective is to offer playing opportunities to as many young athletes as possible and aim to have a minimum of 12 players on a team, and in certain cases, the maximum allowable limit of 15 players, until the respective league Championships.

With the V3 Basketball Association, we endeavor to provide youth with opportunities to play at a level that aligns with their skill set. However, due to potential limitations, tryouts are necessary. Our goal is to establish at least one team per age group.

At this level, team selection relies on various factors beyond playing ability. Our elite teams are more competitive and require a greater emphasis on each player’s acquired skill set.

In our younger age groups (U10, U11, U12), Fair Play rules may be in effect to ensure approximate equal playing time for all children throughout the game. However, starting from U13 and above, these rules no longer apply, and we cannot guarantee playing time. Nonetheless, we strive to provide ample opportunities for each player to participate.

We understand that the majority of players in these age groups aim to win games. Therefore, for the U13 to U19 age groups, playing time is solely at the discretion of the head coach, and parents are kindly requested to adhere to our policies, such as the 24-hour grace period before approaching a coach regarding playing time. While certain games may result in limited playing time for an individual player, others may provide more opportunities.

If you have any concerns regarding this matter, we encourage you to discuss them with the team’s coach before the final team selection.

REP Basketball Team Player Conduct

As noted, team selection is influenced by various factors. Conduct holds significant importance in this regard. It is expected and mandatory for players to show respect towards their teammates, coaches, referees, opposing teams, and gymnasiums, among others. Dedication and strong effort are essential during practices. Since playing time during games may not be distributed equally, practices should be considered as valuable opportunities for maximum participation and should be regarded as equally important as the games themselves.

Furthermore, it is expected that parents exhibit positive conduct as well, both during practices and games (although we find it better for the athletes if parents do not attend practices). We encourage parents to provide positive encouragement and demonstrate acceptance of mistakes for both their child and the mistakes of other children on the teams as that is how they learn the game. Criticism of referees and minor officials (such as scorekeepers) is strongly discouraged. It is expected that everyone gives their best effort.

For more information on our policies and commitment to fostering a healthy environment, please refer to the sidebar and review the Code of Conduct section.

Positive Experiences and Outcomes

Our aim is to ensure that the program creates a positive atmosphere, fostering a sense of community and enabling children to develop life skills while enjoying the game of basketball. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our administrator.

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