Focused on youth basketball, V3 Basketball Association is a not-for-profit corporation that aims to be a prominent leader in Toronto. Its mission is to provide exceptional basketball programming in the East Scarborough area, tailored to the development of youth basketball players from beginners to high-performance levels. Through our organization, we seek to address the growing need for high-quality and affordable basketball programs that support marginalized youth and girls, particularly from racialized and BIPOC communities.

Keir Bryan – Our Founder

Coach Keir Bryan V3 Prep Academy
Coach Keir Bryan V3 Prep Academy Head Coach & V3 Basketball Association Founder

V3 Basketball Association is led by Keir Bryan, the founder. Keir, a Toronto native and former collegiate scholarship athlete, is dedicated to nurturing young athletes and promoting their growth through V3.

Furthermore, Keir has extensive coaching experience and expertise in youth basketball development. This ensures parents can find a safe, enjoyable, inclusive, and supportive environment for their child to improve their basketball skills and acquire important life skills.

Coach Keir, as referred to by members, brings expertise in fundamental skill development, high-performance athlete development, and long-term athlete development. Accredited by the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), USA Basketball Licensed and a National Association of Basketball Coaches member, Keir ensures that every child has ample opportunities to reach their full potential.

What’s more, Keir is the head coach at V3 Preparatory Academy. Working in the high-performance sector of the sport gave him a complete understanding of the importance of development. Fundamental skill development is paramount at an earlier age. V3 Basketball Association aims to be a leader in that space.

The youth programs include skill development, impactful camps, competitive rep teams, and travel basketball teams. Participation in the Youth Basketball programs equips children with essential life skills for future leadership.

Our Youth Basketball Programs

Our comprehensive programs follow the principles of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) and the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) models (learn more here), catering to the specific needs of each player. We prioritize inclusivity and aim to be leaders in empowering girls aged 6-18, supporting the movement to keep girls involved in sports. We seek to provide quality affordable basketball programming to all youth regardless of socioeconomic background.

In a supportive and motivating environment, children thrive at V3 Basketball Association. The organization’s ability to analyze athletes’ strengths and weaknesses and make necessary adjustments to their training distinguishes it as a leading Youth Basketball organization.

V3 Prep Youth Basketball players in Ohio

V3 Prep Youth Basketball players in Ohio

Our Mission

The primary goal of V3 Basketball Association is to deliver an exceptional youth basketball experience in Toronto, providing children with opportunities to develop their skills, foster a love for the sport, and become part of a supportive and empowering basketball community. The organization believes in nurturing future leaders through sports, offering each child a promising future in basketball.

The mission of V3 Basketball Association is guided by five key principles:

  1. Opportunity: Providing a safe and inclusive space for youth to learn and play basketball.
  2. Fundamentals: Teaching basketball fundamentals to players of all ages and stages of development.
  3. Values: Emphasizing important values such as commitment, hard work, determination, empathy, teamwork, and leadership.
  4. Positive Behavior: Setting an example of positive social behavior in sports.
  5. Fun for All: Ensuring that all youth participants have fun in all programs offered by the organization.