3 on 3 basketball League

3 on 3 Basketball League by V3

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Registration Fee:: $180
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3 on 3 Basketball League Overview:

The emergence of the 3 on 3 basketball league has revolutionized the game of basketball. What was once a casual pastime on half courts across the globe has now transformed into a professional sport, complete with worldwide tours, televised events like the BIG3, and even a recognized presence at the Olympics.

However, amidst all these changes, the fundamental benefits of 3 on 3 basketball remain unchanged, particularly for young players seeking to learn and improve their skills. A 3 on 3 basketball league presents a unique opportunity for kids to refine their abilities. With fewer players on the court and increased involvement for each participant, the game allows for a greater number of touches and a heightened learning experience within a concise 14-minute game.

This is why the V3 Basketball Association proudly presents our own 3 on 3 basketball league, catering to youth between the ages of 6 and 17. We strongly believe in the value of providing youngsters with the chance to cultivate their core basketball skills in an enjoyable, yet challenging and engaging environment.

League Description:

Each weekly session will have a duration of 90 minutes, consisting of a 10-minute warm-up and 4 games, with each game lasting 14 minutes. The season will span 8 sessions, concluding with a playoff weekend.

DATES –  Our winter/spring program begins Jan 9th and runs on a rolling enrolment until June 10, 2024. There are 2 locations: Tuesdays at St Joan of Arc Catholic Academy and St Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School in Scarborough from 6 pm to 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm to 10 pm respectively on Tuesday evenings.

AGE GROUPS – There will be separate divisions for each age group ranging from 2013 to 2007.

TEAM SIZE – To ensure a balanced participation, registration is limited to 40 children per age group, allowing for a maximum of 8 teams with 5 athletes per team.

Athletes who prefer to register as a team, please complete the registration form as an individual. In the teammate request section, kindly provide the team roster, and we will ensure that those athletes are placed together.