The V3 Basketball Association is thrilled to announce we are Canada Basketball Verified. We have successfully met all the requirements of the Canada Basketball Verification Program, securing our official recognition as a Canada Basketball Verified organization. Our unwavering commitment remains centered on creating a secure and inclusive basketball environment for all participants.

Canada Basketball Verified

As a Verified organization, we have proudly demonstrated our dedication to the three key pillars of the Verification Program: Safe Sport & EDI, Technical Skills, and Governance & Administration. Our adherence to the standards established within each of these pillars has aligned our association with Canada Basketball’s gold standard for organizational development, thus enriching the basketball opportunities accessible to all our members.

V3 Basketball Association is Canada Basketball Verified

Below, you’ll find our official statement as a Verified organization:

“We take immense pride in being recognized as Canada Basketball Verified. The Verification Program encompasses critical aspects of coaching, Safe Sport practices, and organizational leadership. The presence of the Canada Basketball Verified logo above signifies that we have undergone a thorough review by our governing bodies, adding an extra layer of accountability to foster welcoming, secure, and developmentally appropriate environments for all individuals.

In sync with other verified organizations across the country, we remain committed to elevating our standards to ensure the best possible athlete experience for all participants. This commitment includes:

  • Requiring mandatory background checks and Safe Sport Training for all coaches.
  • Embracing a comprehensive suite of policy guidelines aimed at safeguarding the well-being of all participants.
  • Adhering to Canada Basketball’s model for Long-Term Development, which encompasses age-appropriate and developmentally suitable training.
  • Implementing proper administrative procedures to effectively govern our organization.”

Becoming a Verified organization is a pivotal step that not only allows us to eagerly anticipate but also actively contribute to the growth of basketball in Canada through our strengthened alignment with Canada Basketball.

With our newfound Verified status, we are better equipped to play an integral role in the advancement of basketball across the country. This affiliation signifies our commitment to enhancing the sport’s presence and impact at all levels, from grassroots initiatives to elite competition.

Here’s an expanded perspective on how our Verified status empowers us to aid in the growth of basketball in Canada:

  1. Enhanced Credibility: As a Verified organization, we have undergone a thorough review process, earning a stamp of approval from Canada Basketball. This heightened credibility not only instills trust within our community but also attracts potential players, coaches, and partners who share our passion for basketball’s growth.
  2. Access to Resources: Our alignment with Canada Basketball grants us access to a wealth of resources, including coaching expertise, training materials, and best practices. This enables us to offer high-quality coaching and development programs, ultimately nurturing talent and increasing participation.
  3. Promotion of Safe and Inclusive Environments: Being Verified underscores our commitment to creating safe, inclusive, and welcoming basketball environments. This commitment resonates with parents, guardians, and players, assuring them that their well-being and development are top priorities.
  4. Community Building: Our Verified status allows us to take a more active role in community engagement. We can organize events, workshops, and outreach programs that not only promote basketball but also instill values of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship.
  5. Supporting National Initiatives: Through our alignment with Canada Basketball, we can actively participate in and support national basketball initiatives and campaigns aimed at increasing participation, especially among underrepresented groups and regions.
  6. Talent Identification and Development: Our affiliation with Canada Basketball provides access to talent identification programs and pathways for talented athletes to progress within the sport. This support is crucial for nurturing the next generation of Canadian basketball stars.

In summary, our Verified organization status is more than a symbolic achievement; it is a dynamic platform that empowers us to actively contribute to the growth of basketball in Canada. It strengthens our ability to provide a positive and impactful basketball experience for all, ensuring that the sport thrives and leaves a lasting legacy in communities across the nation